July 22, 2018

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A Guide to Alaska Child in Need of Aid Cases 1999

This guide provides an overview of how child protection cases are handled in Alaska under the new statutes and courts. It is designed for agency training purposes and for individuals needing a basic overview of a complex system. The guide begins with a basic introduction to the roles of governments and agencies, statutes and rules, and the new laws governing child protection cases. It outlines the stages of the child protection process in Alaska and describes the role of each part. The guide also includes a flow chart of the child protection system, a chart describing the role or each party in the primary court proceedings, and some DFYS caseload statistics, glossary of legal terms used in CINA cases, list of phone numbers for state agencies, and a list of community resources.

Available Media: Print

Faculty Author: William T. Cotton, Executive Director

Producer: Alaska Judicial Council

Source: AJC