July 21, 2018

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Effective Management Teams Project -- Final Report, Evaluation, and Lessons Learned 1998

Final report of the Effective Management Teams Project which was created to address the issue that many intermediate judicial managers have little or no experience in supervising or managing staff of employees, or managing the work of judicial collegues, or managing the activities of public or private agency staff who regularly work within the courts. The purpose of the training was to enhance the leadership and managerial skills of judges/administrative staff members; to help judge-staff teams apply key leadership & management concepts in making practival improvements in the handling of court caseloads; to develop curriculum materials that can be adapted for use in conducting future programs; and to develop a cadre of judges/administrators/educators who can serve as key faculty in subsequent presentations in their own states.

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Faculty Author: Doug Somerlot, Senior Associate, Justice Management Institute

Producer: The Justice Management Institute

Source: SJI