July 22, 2018

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When Judges Speak Up: Ethics, The Public, and The Media 1998 (Self-Study Guide, Instructor's Manual, Videotape, CD-Rom)

CD-ROM, video and two manuals combined make up a seminar to help judges resolve the conflict between increasing demand for their observations on controversial legal issues and their commitment to maintaining public confidence in the judiciary. Four video scenarios present ethical questions, work through editing of remarks, the justification for the code of ethics, and examples of audiences which are appropriate to speak to and inappropriate. The four scenarios are a chambers interview, a speech to a community group, a courthouse steps interview and a talk show, all of which are to be used as background for discussion. Video and instructor's manual for a large group, CD-ROM and self-study guide for individual use

Available Media: Video Tape CD-ROM

Faculty Author: Cynthia Gray

Producer: American Judicature Society

Source: SJI