July 20, 2018

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Child Victims Act Model Courts Project Status Report 1999

This report chronicles the work of the National Council of Juvenile & Family Court Judges' Child Victims Project Model Courts from October 1998 to October 1999. This report not only focuses on the accomplishments of the Model Courts, but also on the processes by which they achieved their goals--what they actually did; how they overcame stumbling blocks; and what lessons they learned. It is not intended to serve as an evaluation of the Model Courts & their reform initiatives; rather to describe the process of change they undertook to achieve court improvement goals & implement improved court practice in child abuse and neglect cases.

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Faculty Author: David A. Funk, Executive Director, Nat'l Council of Juv & Fam Ct Jdgs Mary V. Mentaberry, Director, Permancy Plng for Children Dept.

Producer: National Council of Juvenile/Family Court Judges

Source: OJJDP