July 19, 2018

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Implementing an Integrated Domestic Violence Court; Lessons Learned in Implementing an Integrated Domestic Violence Court: The District of Columbia Experience, 2000

These two books are the result of a study of the District of Columbia's Domestic Violence Project. The Implementing and Integrated Domestic Violence Court book addresses the three interrelated components of DC's Domestic Violence Project--the Domestic Violence Intake Unit, the Domestic Violence Coordination Unit, and the Domestic Violence Unit. The Lessons Learned guidebook presents a summary of key issues and lessons drawn from the District of Columbia's experience in implementing and managing an integrated domestic violence court. It is not meant to be a comprehensive guide for implementing a domestic violence court; but rather, the intention of this guidebook is to highlight several issues that courts and their communities should consider as they undertake the challenges of designing and instituting new, more effective ways to address the complexities of domestic violence.

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Faculty Author: Lynn S. Levey, Martha Wade Steketee, Susan L. Keilitz

Producer: National Center for State Courts

Source: State Justice Institute