July 15, 2018

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Health Care Regulations and Medical Malpractice Issues 1997, 1998, 1999

A summary of the SJI Seminar on Health Care Regulation and Medical Malpractice Issues at Vanderbilt University. Summarizes each of the seminar presentations. "Ways of Thinking about Medical Care: Competing Paradigms", the goal of this presentation was to expose participants to different ways of thinking about medical care and the legal and policy implications of those different paradigms. "Clinical Uncertainty: A Medical Perspective", Medical decisions are made in the face of uncertainty, it is worth distinguishing among three levels of uncertainty because each has different implications. "The Evolving Medical Care Marketplace: An Economists' Perspective", a discussion of the transformation to managed care. There are seventeen summaries all dealing with aspects of the law and medicine.

Available Media: Print

Producer: Vanderbilt Institute for Public Policy Studies

Seminar: A Health Policy Seminar

Source: SJI